Heidi Klum was born in Berisch Gladbach, Germany, January 1, 1973. This supermodel star is 5' 9" with a tantalizing 35-24-34 body. She lived with her family in Bergisch Gladbach, a "small" large city within Cologne. Almost destined to be a fashion model, Heidi's father, Gunther, worked for a cosmetics company, while her mother, Erna, was a hairdresser. Heidi, while still in high school and then 18 years old, saw an ad in "Petra" magazine for a competition called "Model '92". Her friend encouraged her to send in some photos, and Heidi then traveled to Munich to compete on TV. She was intrigued by the idea, and she never even dreamed of the possibility of winning. Her friend encouraged her to send in some photos. What began as a "just for fun" contest, turned into a life-altering event for this beautiful model when she won the competition.

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